Renowned expertise in Root Canal Treatment

We accept referrals from dentists all around England, and lots of dentists recommend us with patients having travelled far and wide to visit Dr Jasani for root canal treatment.

Dr Jasani has had formal extra training and a lot of experience in root canal treatments, coming top of his cohort of colleagues during his final exams. He uses all the latest gold standard equipment including a special microscope which lets him see a lot more detail when performing the treatment.

Dr Jasani’s experience and expertise has meant that he has become one of the most popular teachers of root canal treatments in London, teaching qualified dentists ranging from newly qualified dentists all the way to dentists with many years of experience.

Your comfort is paramount

In addition to this, at Malden Dental Care, every effort is made to make the environment as comfortable as possible with strong anaesthetics available when required. A soft padded nappa leather dental chair is provided for patients so that they remain comfortable during the whole procedure.

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Root Canal Treatment