Twelve dental students complete their endodontics course with Dr. Jasani

Vishal Jasani has taken 12 qualified dentists through the post-graduate Aspire Dental advanced endodontics course, teaching the students how to tackle complex cases and showing them how to perform these procedures.

The course consists of 10 days of intensive training spread out over a year in state of the art facilities at St George’s Hospital. This support has enabled the dentists to achieve a certificate in endodontics, and become lifelong members of the Aspire Dentistry Alumni.

“ Vishal was extremely patient when teaching us and has extensive knowledge of endodontics. We are extremely grateful to have been taught by him.”
Aspire Dental Students

Vishal has a very rare responsibility where he undertakes endodontic cases, referred to him from St George’s Hospital and Kingston Hospital in his practice – only a handful of practitioners are trusted to do this in the UK. As well as this, he has made a name for himself in the local dental community with many local practitioners referring to him and asking for assistance and advice with their endodontic cases. Since joining the Aspire Teaching team, Vishal’s careful attention to detail, wealth of knowledge and direct but patient teaching style has made him a favourite among his delegates.

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